TEST-MT Safety Suggestion Page

One significant way employees can participate in a safety program is to report observed hazards, incidents, or accidents or near misses. The safety suggestion website facilitates the easy of reporting events, speeds up the process to ensure that all events receive the appropriate attention and investigation.

All reports are treated as strictly confidential. The reporter may remain anonymous if they choose. However, in many cases, more information may be required; it is preferred that the reporter identify themselves. In other cases, the employee may request feedback on what, if any, action was taken or planned. Employees who choose to remain anonymous will only receive feedback by means of a general notification or other normal communications.

NON-PUNITIVE REPORTING – In accordance with agency guidelines employees who report mishaps, risk exposures, safety hazards, incidents, or accidents will not be subject to disciplinary action by the agency.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions such as the following (which could create or worsen risk exposures):

  • Accident or Incident that are reported which employees are required to report as part of the Standard Operating Procedure or other agency policies;
  • Premeditated or intentional acts of violence against people or damage to equipment/property;
  • Actions or decisions involving material negligence which, in the airport’s judgment, no reasonably prudent employee of relevant training and experience would take; or
  • Failure to report safety incident or risk exposures as required by agency operating procedures and/or this policy.

Employees who act irresponsibly in one of these ways remain exposed to disciplinary action. Alternately, employees who make honest mistakes or misjudgments will not be subject to blame provided that they report such incidents in a proper fashion and timely.

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